The 2013 Season Has Begun

Andre Ethier, Major League Baseball player in ...

Andre Ethier, Major League Baseball player in America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now the 2013 season has begun and the prediction have begun. One of these prediction is Who will win the west this year? The 2012 world series champion Giants seem to be the  best team in the division. The Giants have the hitting and pitching. The Giants catcher Buster Posey, and Maison Bumgardner lead the team for a chance to repeat as champions in 2013. The Dodgers seem to be the most involved since 2012.  With the addition of a few new batters such as Adrian Gonzales, Hanley Ramirez (on DL) who both came over via trade in 2012. The Dodgers signed Korean pitcher  Hyun-Jin Ryu and Free agent Zack Greinke who at the time was the highest payed pitcher at the time until  Jason Verlander become the highest payed pitcher.  The Dodgers also have Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and 2011 Cy Young Winner Clayton Kershaw who hope to lead the team to the 2013 playoff and win the world series the first time since 1988.